new year, new open call. we want to hear about your experiences, trips, fears, and fantasies. what makes a drug a drug? are they addictive? should all be illegal or everything easily accessible? 

with zine number 4 we want to give space to all things drug-related. are they necessary evils? have they contributed positively to our cultural outputs? why are some drugs, e.g. cigarettes and alcohol, tolerated more?  why is it that drugs are seen so negatively in our society? do they make our lives better or ruin them? can they be ethically made? what does the loss of control feel like? do they enhance productivity? can they change who we are?

send us your thought and feelings. as always, as long as what you provide is printable thet it will work, meaning photography, art, poems, essay, etc.

please be aware though, as this is again quite a controversial and stigmatized topic, your contribution might be next to an opinion or work you might not necessarily agree with. we do, however, respect and are immensely grateful for everything we receive.  

unser vol. 4 ist immer noch erhältlich - our vol. 4 is still available
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hier finden sich unsere online-beiträge und übersetzungen/kommentaren von künstler:innen.  
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